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The set up here is a bit different than the other fanfic pages; instead of being alphabetical by author, the stories are alphabetical by title, and all are written by BGM (Sophie Masse).   Again, use the targets to get to a specific area, or just scroll down until you see something that catches your eye.  Use the menu below to get to stories by other authors. 

Stories with a green rating tag are rated PG-13 and lower, and are legal for readers of all ages; stories with a red rating tag are rated R and higher, and are not legal for readers younger than 18 (or the legal age in your state, province or country of origin).  NR (not rated) stories are also in this catagory, and require caution due to subject matter.   Please be reminded that ALL of the stories in this archive deal with male/male relationships, and/or homosexuality.  If you are easily easily offended, straight and narrow, or a United States senator, it might be better if you went here instead. 

If you're a bit lost on what the coding letters on the stories mean, go here.

As always, we ask that our readers send comments to the author -- constructive feedback, lavish praise and Belgian chocolate are usually the best received types of feedback, but if you absolutely hated the story, please tell the author in a polite way why you didn't like it instead of flaming them...   A linked email address is provided for each author -- be kind -- feed an author today!

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Feedback and Comments


Abuse     Rated NC-17 
9K     Julian learns that a substitute can never be as good as the real thing.

Across A Room     Rated PG-13 
19K     Garak makes a simple request of Bashir...will he do it?
Adoration     Rated NC-17 
6K     Garak ponders the nature of Julian's feelings.
Allegria     Rated PG-13 
16K     t's Garak's birthday, and Julian wants to help him celebrate.
The Angel's Devil     Rated NC-17 
41K     A holo-suite romp that may or may not involve a holographic double.
At The Slash Cafe     Rated G 
4K    Julian serenades Garak, while couples from other fandoms look on...
Brush Away the Skeletons     Rated PG-13 
38K     An account of the events that led to Garak's exile from Cardassia.
Cat and Mouse     Rated NC-17 
11K     Julian punishes Garak for 'teasing' him during lunch.
Challengers     Rated NC-17 
29K     A DS9/Hellraiser crossover...yummy.
The Changing     Rated NC-17 
20K     Garak is suffering from a hormonal imbalance; ~Julian~ is the cure.
Critical Surgery     Rated PG-13 
3K     Julian thinks back to the first time he touched Garak with love.
The Cunning Ploy     Rated PG-13
11K     Ziyal has a score to settle; Julian deals with his jealousy.
Cupid's Mischief     Rated G 
3K      It's Valentine's Day, and guess who sent who some flowers?


The Deception     Rated NC-17 
22K     Thoughts on why our boys were so cold to each other a while back.
Dementia     Rated NC-17 
138K     The removal of Garak's wire has an undesirable side effect...
Dry Those Tears     Rated PG-13 
11K     Julian is injured, and Garak faces his emotions.
Ecstasy     Rated NC-17 
6K     Ritual dancing and sexual pleasure - intertwined. **Warning - Odd twist**
Evacuee     Rated PG-13 
27K     Garak faces the emotions that torturing Odo brought to the surface.
Experimentations     Rated G 
2K     How the 'gagh' on Julian and Garak's table feel right before being eaten...
Facades     Rated PG 
13K     Garak and Bashir discuss Garak's actions during "Broken Link"

Festive Sun     Rated PG-13
27K     The DS9 crew and Garak return to Cardassia for the *Raii mathe*
Firestarter     Rated PG-13 
7K     A dinner date leads to something more...maybe.
First Time, Last Time     Rated NC-17 
4K     Short, dialogue only piece...just what the title says.
A 'Fitting' Revenge     Rated NC-17 
16K     Julian plays 'tailor'; companion piece to "Release of Tension"
Fortuitous Accident      Rated NC-17 
19K     An accident leads to a 'complete' physical for Garak.
Fuck You!     Rated NC-17 
12K     In the tiny confines of a Jem H'adar ship, Garak and Bashir connect.
Future Despair     Rated R 
7K     [AU] Set five years into the future, on Cardassia.

A Glimpse of the Past     Rated PG 
4K     Kira returns a belonging of Garak's, which brings up a painful memory.
The Golden Years     Rated G 
6K     Inspired by a J/7 story, a vignette that shows G/B in their 'Golden Years'
Hallucinations     Rated PG
11K     Script formatted; Garak and Bashir take Sophie to task for her writing style...
Heart and Asylum     Rated NC-17 
42K     After being tortured by Cardassians, Julian is suffering. Can Garak ease his pain?
Hiatus     Rated G 
7K     Julian and Garak run into Palis while on Earth.
Hot Nights     Rated NC-17 
7K      Garak finds that temperature is a relative thing when thoughts of Julian keep him awake.
I Kiss You Goodnight     Rated PG 
9K     Speculation on Garak's past, set during the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor.
I, the Enemy     Rated PG-13 
49K     Julian accompanies Garak to Bajor, where there are ghosts to be laid to rest.
In Cauda Venenum     Rated PG-13 
9K     An angsty piece featuring Garak and Tain.
In the Shadow of Love     Rated NC-17
76K     [AU] A dark, angsty piece set in a slightly different version of the Mirro universe.
Innocence     Rated PG-13 
30K     Garak gets a second chance for honesty. 

Kiss Me, Thrill Me, Take Me     Rated NC-17 
24K     A test of sexual knowledge and pleasure takes an odd turn. **Warning - Mild Violence**
Les Fleurs de Mal     Rated NC-17 
22K     Just another behind-the-scenes look at "The Wire"
Let's Play Master and Servant     Rated NC-17 
44K     A simple game turns into so much more for Garak and Julian. **Warning - Light BDSM**
Licentious Desires     Rated NC-17 
54K     DS9/Forever Knight Crossover; Vampires and Cardassians and Humans...you can guess the rest.
Life Without You     Rated PG-13
16K     Sequel to 'Nursery Rhymes' (published in "Doctor, Tailor, Officer, Spy")

Litany of the Damned     Rated PG
7K     Garak is asked to help Dukat deal with Ziyal's death.
Love Trial     Rated G 
6K     Garak and the DS9 crew serenade Bashir

Meditations on a Crimson Shadow     Rated NC-17
23K     Reading a loaned book fuels Bashir's curiosity about Garak's past...
Mislead Gastronome     Rated R 
10K     [AU] Fruit, chocolate, the Intendant and Garak...what more could you want? 
My Fantasy, or Yours?     Rated NC-17 
17K     Spy games (with a twist!) in the holosuites.

Night Thoughts     Rated R
19K     Script format; Garak and Julian share a late night conversation on the comm system.

Obsession     Rated PG-13 
3K     A short vignette - fits either Garak or Bashir.
Obsidian Tactics     Rated PG
3K     How far will Garak go to avoid cuddling?

Pawns     Rated NC-17
18K     Julian is about to find out how far Garak will go to be with him....
Paradox     Rated PG-13
6KB     Garak and Bashir discover some disturbing literature in the station's computers. 
Parting Words     Rated PG-13 
11K     Julian and Garak's final parting. **Warning - character death**
Passing Fantasies     Rated R 
6K     Alternately titled "Thoughts of a Cardassian Tailor". 

Perfectly Cardassian, Perfectly Flirting     Rated NC-17
42K     Ezri stumbles onto the truth about Garak's feelings for Julian, and her advice is to 'tell him.'
PMS - Male Style     Rated PG-13 
7K     Garak, Julian , a shuttle and frayed nerves = PMS!

Reborn     Rated R
8K     A mirror universe vignette featuring Garak, Bashir and the Intendent.
Regrets     Rated NC-17
17K     Memories of a lost parent, and regrets over love not returned.

Release of Tension     Rated NC-17 
17K     Garak plays 'Doctor'
Remedy for Anxiety     Rated NC-17 
27K     Bashir has a case of nerves before a speech; can Garak help?
Reptile     Rated R 
5K     Vignette based on the NIN song "Reptile". 
Reptiles and Humans and Heat, Oh My!     Rated NC-17 
18K     A Cardassian sauna heats up more than skin...
Severed Dreams     Rated PG-13 
44K     An expanded (and revised) version of BGM's theories in "Brush Away the Skeletons"
Shared Life     Rated PG
3K     Wedding jitters and last thoughts...
Slip of the Tongue     Rated NC-17
16K     After lunch, Garak slips and Julian pounces on it.
The Showdown     Rated PG-13 
103K     This story contains NO sex (awww...). It instead concentrates on the growing friendship between Garak 
              and Bashir.
Silly Frolic     Rated PG-13 
14K     Ziyal, Worf, our boys and the rest of the gang have a party.
Solitary Dialogue     Rated PG-13 
6K     aka "Solitary Monologue", Julian expresses his feelings for Garak after being injured.
Stardate 32699.4     Rated R
6K     Personal logs from the day after "Fascination"
Steamy Debate     Rated NC-17 
41K     Lunch time conversation can lead to more, as the boys find out!
A Study of G/B     Rated PG 
6K     Q's take on the Garak/Bashir relationship
Subterfuge     Rated PG-13 
4K     Some quiet musings from our beloved tailor.
Tailor, Spy, Tease Extraordinaire     Rated R 
8K     Written to satisfy a sex toy / UST challenge on the ASCEM
A Terrible Exile     Rated NC-17
29K     Garak wants Julian, and won't take 'no' for an answer.
The Ties That Bind     Rated NC-17
33K     An emtionally disturbing look at the love between Garak and Bashir.
Tight Situation     Rated NC-17 
7K     Garak gets...friendly...in public.
A Trill's Last Thrill      Rated NC-17 
13K     Why was Dax smiling when she and Sirella spoke at her bachelorette party? [G/B/D]
Tumbles and Falls     Rated G 
6K     Julian teaches Garak to ice skate.
Tyranny     Rated R
7K     Julian is shocked to discover how much he likes sex with Garak.

Unexpected Aphrodesiac     Rated PG-13 
4K     A kitten + allergies = sex?
The Visitor     Rated PG 
4K     Realistic DS9/Mary Sue challenge reply
The Void     Rated R
43K  When Bashir and O'Brien are lost, will anyone know they are there?
The Voyeur     Rated NC-17
58K     A strange mix of TNG's 'The Naked Now', DS9's 'Fascination',   X-FILES' 'Gender Bender' and the 
            movie 'Sliver'
Wavering Alliance     Rated NC-17 

127K     When members of "The True Way" begin to kill people to prove a point, Garak gets caught in the 
               cross-fire,  leaving Julian behind to comtemplate his loss.
Where Angels Fear to Tread     Rated PG
9K     Julian tries to help Garak cope in the time after Ziyal's death.
While in Bed (I - IV)     Rated NC-17
34K     Shifting POVs tell the tale of an encounter between the doctor and the tailor.