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G/B readers (and writers) are always looking for something new, something fresh... sometimes a challenge helps to get the ball rolling.  It can be funny, angsty, Mary Sue-ish -- whatever your little heart desires.  If you have a story already written that fits one of these challenges, or you want to challenge us, and then write a story showing us how it's done, send it in!

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Not seeing anything that tickles your muse? Try these!


From Charlene:
*Write a story with this title - "Close Your Eyes and Think of Cardassia".
*Like all good little Cardassians, Garak was married off when young to a bride selected by his family (in his case, by Tain). Now he wants a divorce, and to that end his wife has arrived on the station. What happens when she gets there?

From Mark:
*Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue...doesn't necessarily mean a wedding!
*Write a G/B story where they are so physically incompatible that it is impossible for them to have intercourse. I know this will take some imagination, but I know we can all do this! (Personally, I'm hoping for happy endings, here, but do with it as your muse dictates...)

From Heather (yes, lil' old me...):
*Write a dialogue only scene to go with this image.
*Write a story using any combination of three characters from the regular universe and the mirror universe; ex - Garak/Bashir/AU Bashir.
*Write a story in which the words "I love you" are never uttered -- in other words, just sex, no emotional strings.
*Write a story with an odd twist...character death counts, but I'd prefer something like an odd kink, or an unexpected situation.

From Jen:
*Write a Mary Sue in which you are on DS9 but as YOU! And it has to be realistic. No wild sex, no instant status. What would REALLY happen if you REALLY met Garak? How much of an ass would you look like?

From Fred (obsessed Wesley lover):
*I don't usually post my stuff on ASCEM, but all the neat stuff I been seeing on Heather the Babe-a-licious and Robin the Raunchies pages have got me thinkin'...why not have a challenge which involves a singles bar, your fave Trek character (you know who I would choose, heh heh), and the lamest pick up attempt you can think of. Come on people--it's easy! Think Riker in gold chains and funky ass colongne! Anyone who writes about Wesley's ass in any way, shape, or form gets a golden woody from yers truly.

From Olivia:
*Choose a piece of music that inspires you, and write a story from it.

From Diana (who gives such lovely site feedback - thanks dear!):
*Let's face it, what decent person is going to want to date a house-less bastard who is the premiere tourturer for the State Secret Police? I also think Garak would abstain rather than repeat Tain's mistake or cater to fawning sycophants. Consequently, for all his galactic experience, there's a good chance that he's a lot more sexually insecure than Julian. So, the challenge is this: Write a G/B story where Garak is having problems because he is actually less sexually experienced than his prospective partner. 

From the Plaid Adder:
*Othello. Whaddaya think? Bashir as Desdemona, Garak as Othello, pre-dementia Gul Dukat as Iago, O'Brien as Cassio, Kira as Emilia...of course, you might want to change the ending some, but people did that to Shakespeare all the time in the nineteenth century...
* Along those lines, I have a poetry challenge. Complete a poem from Garak to Bashir that includes the lines:
"One look at that cute ass o' ya,
And I forget Cardassia..."
*What if a bunch of different Mary Sues showed up in the canon universe at the same time? Would they end up fighting over Garak and/or Bashir, or sharing them, or would they just eliminate the middleman and start
doin' it for each other?  Imagine the possibilities...

From Rhiannon:
*Write a Mary Sue in which Garak and/or Bashir (plus other DS9 characters, if you're so inclined) appear in OUR universe. As Jen said, make it realistic (at least, as realistic as possible under the circumstances.) No hot monkey sex, no beaming back to DS9 with them because you've become their best buddy ever, etc. How would they react to you and our world? 

From Cattnip:
*Write a G/B story that somehow includes...Sam Malone from "Cheers".