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I'm Heather, and I'll be your host this evening....WHAT?!  'What the hell is ginchy?'  you say...  Well, for the uninitiated, ginchy is the word that the hubby and I use when we're making fun of each other - when one or the other of us is being too Beaver Cleaver (or Magoo-ish, also another fave) we call it being the ginchiest.  Since I'm not too keen on taking myself seriously, I decided that my personal fiction page just had to be ginchy... 

For now, all that you'll find here is my fiction - works from fandom plus original stories and essays, but as soon as I'm able to, I'll update it with links to favorite places, etc.

The Sentinel  (Jim/Blair)
What I have written in this fandom are snippets called ObSenads; on the Senad mailing list, an ObSenad is used as a sort of apology to the list for off topic posts.  It can also be used to share a joke, vent frustration, or to relate something about your day ...none of these are rated, and none of them are very long.  I am working on a few stories; don't hold your breath waiting for them, though, since I am terribly slow...

ObSenad #1
(my first; used as apology for my intro; this is evolving into a story)
ObSenad #2
(I saw this at the airport and had to share)
ObSenad #3
(GarbageMail, cool as it is, turned out to be a bad provider to do lists on)
ObSenad #4
(My sis sent me this joke; I wanted to share)
ObSenad #5a     ObSenad #5b
(Hotmail boned me; I sent these as an apology; these too, are evolving into a story)

ST: Deep Space Nine  (Garak/Bashir)
This is the first pairing that I wrote slash for, and it is still a favorite for me to both read and write.

A Cardassian's Heart
(NR, 169 words)     Depressing...
The Cooking Lesson
(Rated R,  4K)     A little dialogue only snippet.
(Not available at present)  I'm re-working this one for a 'zine: if it works out, I'll post the info here; otherwise it'll be the story...
I Watch
(NR, 169 words)     A ghost story...
Only A Little Thing
(NR, 169 words)     Obsessive?  Me?  Never.
Red Satin Ribbons
(Rated NC-17, 37K)     Poetry, ribbons and sugary fluff...
When the Evening Ends
(Rated PG-13, 17K)     Julian angst; it's New Year's Eve, and he thinks he's alone.

ST: Voyager  (Kim/Seven, Janeway/Chakotay)
These first stories were inspired by the song "Ice Cream" (written and performed by Sarah McLachlan); all are rated PG-13; all are Kim/Seven.
Ice Cream  (9K)
Chocolate  (11K)
It's a Long Way Down   (25K)

This next bunch is what I saved of my Janeway/Chakotay stories.  To be honest, I didn't think that they were that great to begin with, so I just kept what I liked best, and chucked the rest... No ratings here; caveat lector.
Ode to Chakotay   (2K)
Point / Counterpoint   (3K)
Snow  (6K)
Variation on "Year of Hell"   (5K)

Original Works
These are just some of the things that I worked on for writing worshops; this is by no means all of them, but for now this is what is available (in readable form)
How To Tell If Your Head Is About To Blow Up
(8K)  An experiment; using a tabloid story or headling, come up with an original work of fiction.  This was kind of fun...
Reflections on the Collected Wisdom of Eeyore
(12K)  Hmmm...how to explain this one.  I guess you'd say that it was a cross between pre-holiday grumpiness and inspiration in the form of  Eeyore's Gloomy Little Instruction Book
(11K)  No, I wasn't trying to be political with this piece, and no there isn't a big profound menaing here for me either...it's just one of those things that came out onto the page.
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