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Weekend On The Promenade 

On the weekend of April 17 & 18, 1999 there will be FULL "Weekend on the Promenade"...this means that both Sid and Andy will be there, as well as Rene Auberjunois and Armin Shimerman...there are going to be Q&A sessions, a dinner and a brunch, and lots of fans!!!  The cost of the event is $85.00 + fan club membership (usually between $25 and $30 / year) As usual, profit from this event will benefit charity.   For more information contact Gayle Stever.  Hope to see you there!

The Official Andy Robinson Fan
Club  (OARFC)

In the U.S., contact: 
Katherine Elizabeth Hanna
6301 N. 19th St.
Arlington, VA 22205, USA

In the UK, contact: 
Karen Colohan
3 Whites Close
Greenhithe, Kent. 

In Germany, contact: 
Antje Freudenberg
Scharnebecker Weg 5
21365 Adendorf.GERMANY

The Official Siddig El Fadil / 
Alexander Siddig Fan Club 
(The Doctor's Exchange)

In the U.S., contact: 
Joan Marie Verba
P O Box 1363
Minnetonka, MN 55345-0363, USA

In the UK or Europe, contact: 
Karen Colohan
3 Whites Close
Greenhithe, Kent. 

Contributor Websites
Watsondog's Kennel
Charlene Vickers' stories from all four series; be sure to read the Voyager stories.
Hannah R.H.'s Website 
Buffy stories
MarkStanley's Page 
Stories, links to favorite sites.
Arcady's DS9 Shorts 
Liz  wrote a lovely story that inspired the archive's name...
Deep Space Cam 
Cam loves to flirt, and is one half of the Staple Gun Enforcement Team of CS
Enigma Tales

Sophie, the other half of the Staple Gun Enforcement Team, is also known as BGM! 
Diana and Joanne's Slash Sensation
 Check out the novel length G/B story, and the Feisal/Lawrence story!
Debra Tabor's SenSlash Archive and Ice Cream Parlor 
Sentinel slash
The Ragged Rose
The Archivist's site; more stories and Celtic studies
The Homepage of Fred, Lover of Wesley's Ass  
Irreverent, kinky and sometimes squicky... that's our Fred!
Robin's TrekSmut4  
Stories from all four series.
Collected Oeuvre 
The Plaid Adder's site -- essays and G/B fiction.

Fiction (rated PG-13 and lower) by kira-nerys and others...mostly G/B & K/D

Fiction (rated R and higher) by kira-nerys and others...mostly G/B & K/D

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The Official Andy Robinson Web Page

Sid City - The Official Alexander Siddig Web Page

ASCEM(L) Homepage 
The main site for checking out the ASCEM madness! 
Blind Beta group
Yavanna's Star Trek DS9 Fiction
DS9 & G/B fiction
Starbase7M24: The Writer's Corner
Listings of Various Trek authors and fanfic sites.
The Loss of Garak and Bashir 
A great Mining Co. article about TPTB's lack of sense...when it comes to the Doc and the Croc.
Audio, video and image files...for those times when reading is just too much effort!xxxxxxxxxxA bi-monthly e-zine featuring exclusive stories and illustrations, challenges and more!
Elim Garak - all this, and he sews too! 
All Garak, all the time! Great gallery with hysterical captions!
The best Julian Bashir site that I have ever seen!
Stories and illustrations; all Cardassian.
Anything and everything that you ever wanted to know about sex, in definition form... 

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