Private Parts:  The Underside of Cardassia Sutra...
Here you'll find chat, a bulletin board, and some goodies that only members have access to -- including a story ideas archive, a creativity poll, and member editorials...beware, I DO NOT believe in censoring anyone, so toes may get stepped on, and feelings may get hurt...
Joining is easy!  Just send your name, email address, and verification of your age ( a simple statement like "My name is ____ and I certify that I am of legal age to view adult materials." will suffice) to  and I will add you to the members list. As soon as you are on the list, I'll send you the URL that you need to access Private Parts.
Well, boys and girls, we wouldn't want your parents to get mad at Heather, would we? So,  if you're not at least 18, go away!  If you're not into slash, Garak and Bashir, go away!  And lastly, if you have a problem with this, I don't want to hear it?!
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