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JEN:  Even though you don't remember our first cyber-conversation, it was your enthusiasm that  "subtly" pushed me; I would have never put  the archive up, or gotten around to even trying my hand at G/B ... thanks ... for everything.   I'm only sorry I'm such a brat  : p

OLIVIA:  You're right, Garak has confirmed it ... he doesn't cum in girly colors ...  Seriously - thanks for the stories, the long late-night phone calls and the dose of sanity.

MARK: For all of the wonderful encouragement that you give me, via feedback on my stories ...  You definitely know how to keep people writing.

LIZ: Thanks for the great site name!

SOPHIE:  For letting me have all of your stuff! And for the lovely drawings in the 'zine, and all of the other wonderful things that you've been doing of late! 

CHRISTOPHER:  For humoring me...  @}--,---

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If you've read all of this, I have to say that a) you really need to get out more, or b) you must be a flunky of the Paramount/Viaborg Collective.  If the answer was (b), you missed your disclaimer -- it was on the front page, in red letters....  If the answer was (a) what can I say? : )