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The Plaid Adder     Comments and Feedback
Sigh No More     Rated PG
104K     An adapted version of "Much Ado About Nothing"' features Garak, Bahsir and the rest of the DS9 cast.




Kathryn Ramage     Comments and Feedback

Cardassian Out of Time (108 K)     Rated PG 
108K     Garak travels back in time to WWII Europe and it's up to the DS9 crew to find out where he is, what
               alteration he's trying to make to history, and to stop him.
Covert Agenda     Rated R 
123K     Why *did* Garak seek out Bashir's friendship?
Green Silk     Rated PG 
14K     A midnight briefing reveals the nature of Garak and Bashir's relationship.
Julian of Ours     Rated NC-17 
34K     Garak and O'Brien come to an agreement about Julian - but is Julian willing? [G/B/O'B]
Mr. Garrick Resumes the Stage     Rated PG 

45K     A temporal anomaly takes the boys to 18th-century England, where a case of mistaken identity has 
             interesting results.
Mutual Acquaintance     Rated PG 
17K     Garak and O'Brien discuss a mutual interest - Bashir.
Old Flame     Rated G 

30K     An untold story from DS9's second season - who is the mysterious woman visiting the station, and what 
            does she have to do with Garak's past?
Plural     Rated R 

174K     If you want bitchy fights between Garak and O'Brien - over Bashir - this is the story for you!  Sorry, no 
              sex  this time! [G/B/O'B]

**The Claiming Series**

The Claiming     Rated R 
45K     When an old Obsidian Order adversary abducts Bashir, Garak must free him. 
For You     Rated PG 
22K     Bashir questions the foundation of his and Garak's relationship, after Garak kills Entek. 
An Emotional State     Rated NC-17 
91K     Tain lures Garak to his side; Bashir goes along, and gets more than he bargained for. 
The Bond Not Broken     Rated R 
105K     Follows the events of the episodes "Improbable Cause"/"The Die is Cast". 
Inlaws/Outlaws     Rated PG 
72K     Bashir's parents arrive at the station for a visit, intent on 'saving' their son from Garak. 
Reconciled     Rated NC-17
70K     Last story of the series...
The Best Revenge     Rated R 
23K     An ALTERNATE scene and end to "The Claiming"

Sacrifice for the Sake of Light     Rated NC-17
37K     A 'What if?' story; Garak has returned to Cardassia following the events in "The Bond Not  Broken" and 
             taken Julian with him...

Sarah Rasher     Feedback and Comments
Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind     Rated NC-17
5K     PWP involving a power outage on DS9

Reesa     Comments and Feedback
Too Tired     Rated NC-17
10K     Julian's tired, but Garak has other ideas...

Rhiannon     Comments and Feedback
Mary Sue, Matchmaker     Rated PG-13
12K     Realistic Mary Sue challenge reply; an old friend of Julian's plays matchmaker.

Meeting the Inlaws     Rated G 
3K     A short vignette that MRS. BAHSIR wrote to answer some of JEN'S questions


Mark Russell Stanley      Comments and Feedback

In The Dark     Rated PG 
8K     A sweet vignette that promises good things for Garak and Bashir.
Home     Rated NC-17 
29K     Sequel to "In the Dark";  what happens now that Julian and Elim are back on DS9?
The Racquetball Game     Rated R 

4K     Mark -- uh, I mean Garak, yeah... Garak has one too many naughty impulses regarding that little silver 
           thing Julian wears to his games.
Tease     Rated NC-17
5K     It's a holodeck program gone awry -- or is it?

Laurie Streenz     Comments and Feedback

A Crying Shame     Rated PG 
20K     Garak provides a shoulder for Julian to cry on, and is inspired to honor Jadzia's memory.
Julian Sandwich     Rated NC-17 
10K     PWP involving G/B and...Prince Feisal?
Garak Sandwich     Rated NC-17 
16K     Follow-up to "Julian Sandwich"; another PWP, this one featuring a 'toy'.
Train of Thought     Rated NC-17
(still formatting)     Bashir's thoughts as he watches Garak struggle with his claustrophobia in "Afterimage".

SwordQueen      Comments and Feedback
All or Nothing     Rated NC-17 
28K     Our boys' relationship is progressing - but not as quickly as Julian would like. How can  he be sure that 
            Elim really wants him?
Clearing the Air     Rated NC-17 
32K     Can a little tiff come between our boys? Of course not!


Debra Tabor      Comments and Feedback

One Night in Bangkok     Rated NC-17 
14K     Julian invites Garak into his spy program; the results are...interesting.



Charlene Vickers       Comments and Feedback
The Assistant     Rated PG
3K     Realistic Mary Sue challenge reply; what happens when Garak hires a new assistant?

Sticky Wicket     Rated R 
4K     First line challenge: "Don't give me any of that bonding crap!" reply.