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Why G/B slash?

 I like Garak and Bashir ... together... deal with it. 

In all seriousness - (I know - that could be painful) - I  don't know about you guys,   but I think that TPTB  missed a golden opportunity to satisfy the desires of many viewers by having Garak and Bashir in a relationship ... to all of us it's obvious that the two of them are flirting madly, all under the guise of friendly debate ... the looks, the touches, the things that these two men  *do* for each other ... these two were made for each other. 

But, alas, TPTB don't always make the same decisions that we, the viewers would make... 

That's where fanfiction comes in.  There are tons of people out there on the 'Net, writing the scenarios that the DS9 writers and producers, Paramount, and Viacom will never give us. What  you'll find here is only a small fraction of what is out  there, but it's a good starting point, because it's some of the best!

Use the links on the left to access the different areas of the site, have fun, and send feedback to the authors, or I'll send Sophie and Cam after you!

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BORING, BUT IMPORTANT LEGAL STUFF:  All hail Paramount and the Viaborg!   Here are the standard disclaimers (like we could forget): Star Trek, DS9, Elim Garak, Dr. Julian Bashir, and all other denziens of DS9 [or any other incarnation of TREK] are the copyrighted property of Paramount Pictures, and its parent company, Viacom. No copyright infringment is intended, and the viewpoints, opinions, etc., of each story are not neccesarily those Paramount or Viacom; no money is made from any of these  stories.  None of the stories in this archive has been, or will be, sold or used to gain profit.  Please don't sue me -- all I own are a pair of 9" Garak and Bashir dolls, a snot baby, and a beanie duck named Wanda. 
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