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xxxxxxPoetry, alphabetical by author 
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Round Robins
Too Hot for Odo's Monitors     Rated NC-17
??K     Exhibitionist tendencies get Garak and Bashir some attention.
Written by BGM, Olivia Monteith & Charlene Vickers

TrekSmut University (TSU)

TSU: TrekSmut Goddess     NR 
22K     Musings on Jen's TSU Graduate Thesis...     J.A. Chapman
TSU: Reality 101 - Reality Sucks!     NR  
18K     Read up on Jen's opinions about Mary Sues...     J.A. Chapman
TSU: Carpool, or A Duck Named Wanda      NR 
15 K     Wanda *did* sign the guestbook; I figure it's the least I can do!    J.A. Chapman
TSU: Mary Sue, a TSU Serial     NR 
7K     Olivia shares her version of the Mary Sue     Olivia Monteith
TSU: Internal Troubles     NR     
12K     Robin gives me a job...think blue dresses and interns.     Robin Lawrie
TSU: Olivia, TrekSmut Goddess     NR 
27K     Livvy has homework...studying and holodecks should never be mixed!     J.A. Chapman
TSU: Naughty Doctors from Outer Space!     NR
(still formatting)     A prank leads to a squicky punishment for the TrekSmutters.  BGM



Arcady (aka Liz Williams)xxxxxComments and Feedback
Cardassia Sutra     Rated R 
21K   Garak and the good doctor explore some Cardassian perversions 
Snakecharmer     Rated NC-17 
75K     Dukat recalls Garak for ritual revenge, and Bashir gets caught in the middle. 
Serpent's Tail     Rated NC-17      
(still formatting)     A loose sequel to "Snakecharmer"; a tale of past lives and lost loves...
The ArchivistxxxxComments and Feedback 
Kanaar     Rated PG 
25K     Garak educates Julian in the subtleties of kanaar. 
Revelation     Rated NC-17 
64K     Garak deals with the discovery of Julian's genetic enhancements.



Diana Bloomfield    Comments and Feedback
Aftermath     Rated NC-17 
21K     What would happen if Garak had been with Julian when he had been affected by Mrs. Troi's Zanthi fever
             instead of Kira? 
Sorrowful Opportunity     Rated NC-17 
24K     Garak comforts Bashir when O'Brien dies unexpectedly. 

Blue Champagne    Comments and Feedback
Shock Treatment     Rated PG
88K    Realistic Mary Sue challenge reply; more O'Brien than G/B, but they are there....

Cameron Burnell    Comments and Feedback

Come Again, Cardassian?     Rated NC-17 
16K     Garak/Paris...and someone else that we know and love. [G/B/Paris] 
Man Enough for Me     Rated R 
11K     A G/B campsite 'tickle and grope'... 
Transported     Rated NC-17 
38K     Garak and Julian 'help' Odo in time of need. [G/B/O] 



Cattnip    Comments and Feedback
Barroom Blitz     Rated PG-13
45K     When Jerry Springer comes to the station to do a show, madness ensues.  Answer to the challenge 
            "Write a story that includes Sam Mallone (from "Cheers")

JA Chapman     Comments and Feedback

Duarto's House of Hair     Rated PG-13 
19K     Jen's Sequel to "Truth or Dare" by Olivia Monteith; has to be read to be believed!
The Feel Good Song     NR 
4K     This is G/B.  This Jen.  This is Jen on G/B.   Any questions?  (parody of James Brown)
If Only     Rated PG 
6K     To the romantic in us all, long may we remain fools and poets. 
The Listener     Rated G 
22K     An old man's musings on the Doctor and the Tailor 
No Platonic Love     Rated R 
11K     This is what you get when Jen is challenged to write an NC-17 story... 
The Truth Hurts     Rated PG-13 
5K     First line challenge: "Don't give me any of that bonding crap!" reply. 
**Honeymoon Series**
The Honeymoon's Over     Rated PG-13 
33K     What happens when that first glow of love wears off?
More from "The Honeymoon's Over"     Rated PG-13 
22K     More domestic 'tranquility' from the G/B home...
You Better Believe "The Honeymoon's Over"     Rated PG-13 
43K     The last installment in our look into the marriage of G/B...

Heather Cook     Comments and Feedback
The Cooking Lesson     Rated R 
4K     Dialogue only/picture challenge reply

Red Satin Ribbons    Rated NC-17
20K     Does Julian *really* love Garak?  Garak's not so sure... 
When The Evening Ends...     Rated PG
17K    Julian thinks that he has lost his chance to be with Garak...



Carl Dacien     Comments and Feedback
So Now You're Sleeping Peaceful     Rated G 
7K     Garak/Divorce challenge



Terrie Drummonds Comments and Feedback

BathianRated NC-17 
10K     Combine Julian, Elim and a bath...what do *you* think will happen? 
Every Officer's Dream     Rated PG-13 
7K     A cave, cold and an injured Julian - what more could our dear tailor want? 
Too Many     Rated NC-17 
17K     Ooooh...an aggressive Julian makes for great sex... 

**Converse Symmetry  Series** 

Converse Symmetry, Parts 1 - 4     Rated NC-17 
84K     Due to an artificial spatial anomaly, alternates of the crew (+ some familiar others) come through to our 
            universe, with surpising repercussions. 
Converse Symmetry, Parts 5 - 8     Rated NC-17 
86K     See above for summary. 
Converse Symmetry, Parts 9 - 12      Rated NC-17 
93K     See above for summary. 
Converse Symmetry, Parts 13 - 16      Rated NC-17 
98K      See above for summary. 
Converse Symmetry, Parts 17 - 21     Rated NC-17 
119K      See above for summary. 
Assymetrical     Rated PG 
59K     Bashir confronts Garak about the tailor's liaison with the alternate Bashir. 
One Man's Dying     Rated PG-13 
19K     Garak's reaction to Tain's death, and his bout of claustrophobia worry Bashir, but the doctor isn't sure 
            how to comfort the tailor. 
Tangents of Or      Rated R 
97K     When his secret is exposed, Bashir turns to the tailor for solace, and is forced to make a choice. 
Diametric     Rated R 
43K     With Garak and Bashir's relationship out in the open, O'Brien finds himself under siege by the 
            command staff and the station's residents because of Bashir's choice. 






R.J. Faas     Comments and Feedback 
I Wonder     Rated PG-13 
6K     Bashir speculates on Garak and Ziyal's relationship. 

Fred, Lover of Wesley's A**      Comments and Feedback 
Afterglow    Rated PG-13 
9K     Realistic Mary Sue (or Sewer as Fred puts it) challenge reply; not what you think!!!
In the Closet?     Rated NC-17  
16K     Garak and Bashir meet up in Leeta's closet; **WARNING** light bdsm, kinky 

Better Than Ice Cream    Rated NC-17
5K     Strawberry ice cream, saran wrap, Garak and Bashir....

Carolyn Fulton     Comments and Feedback 

Basilisk     Rated NC-17 
162K     An O/K story; included because of the lovely G/B content. 






Hannah R.H.       Comments and Feedback
Haute Cuisine     Rated PG-13 
22K     Seduction by food...yummy! 
The Return     Rated PG 
30K     Julian and Garak discuss Garak's torture of Odo. 



Invicta      Comments and Feedback
Active Imagination     Rated NC-17
22K     Garak's fantasies of Bashir carry him away. 
Deja Jules     Rated NC-17
(still formatting)     Julian enlists Garak's aid in re-capturing the joy of a childhood hobby... 
Follow in His Footsteps     Rated NC-17
59K     Garak and Bashir are in trouble, and in a relationship that Julian isn't sure that he's  ready for. 
On Top     Rated R
15K     Garak uses unsportsmanlike conduct to gain the upper hand when competing with Bashir. 





Anita Kite  Comments and Feedback
Hidden Talents     Rated R
5K     More than the secret of Julian's genetic enhancement is revealed in this vignette.
Private Fantasy     Rated NC-17
11K     A holodeck fantasy with a twist....

kira.nerys  Comments and Feedback
Dire Dinner Distractions     Rated NC-17
(still formatting)     Kira hates Dukat; Dukat lusts for Kira; Julian and Garak decide to give matters a little push. 
                               [K/Du,  G/B,  G/Du, K/B] 

Pieces in a Puzzle     Rated PG-13 
44K     Set after "Sacrifice of Angels"; after returning to DS9, Garak is back in his shop again, or what's left of it. 
             Trying to gather the pieces of his life and get over the loss of Ziyal and his friendship with Bashir, Garak 
             gets a surprise.
Realizations     Rated PG-13 

12K     Set before "Sacrifice of Angels"; Just a dialogue about G/B figuring out what's *really* going on. 
Solitude     Rated NC-17
19K     Garak is thinking of the Doctor when who should show up at his door...you guessed it! 
Solitaire     Rated NC-17
22K     Julian's version of events in "Solitude"; read it first, then this one.

Mary Knasinski Comments and Feedback

Distant Deeps     Rated PG-13 
48K     An A/U character study based on "Shattered Mirror" 
Subtle Ways     Rated R 
113K     A continuation of "Distant Deeps" 



Robin Lawrie  Comments and Feedback
Sins of the Flesh     Rated NC-17 

18K     TrekSmut Illustrated Moment: Think of the Crusades and pious Pilgrims on quests.  Thanks for the 
            lovely story, Robin! [G/B, S/O] 
The Story of Love     Rated R  
8K     Julian "dresses" for a visit from Garak... **WARNING - fetish** 



Olivia Monteith     Comments and Feedback
A Goodnight...     Rated R 
5K     This is what happens when Olivia takes the PWP challenge.
Mealtime Musings     Rated PG 
14K     Breakfast with Odo, Garak and Bashir... 
Nothing Else Matters     Rated R  
16K     A post "Tears of the Prophets" vignette 
Starlight    Rated R 
5K     A lovely scene between Garak & Bashir in the starlight 
A Second Chance At A First Impression     Rated PG-13 
11K     Pick-up line/favorite character challenge response
Truth or Dare     Rated PG-13 
34K     A game of truth or dare reveals more than either of the boys intend...
The Waltz     Rated G 
5K     Musical inspiration challenge reply
**Peace on Earth Series**

Frightfully Fun     Rated PG-13
(still formatting)     Garak's first Halloween; he and Julian have fun with the kiddies.
Thanks, I Think...     Rated PG-13
(still formatting)     Julian's parents come for Thanksgiving dinner....
Peace on Earth     Rated R 
(still formatting)     The O'Briens are coming for Christmas, and its not gonna be pretty! 
Let Me Call You Sweetheart     Rated NC-17
(still formatting)     The story of how Julian got a clue, and Garak finally got his man.